Percussionist / Pianist / Conductor             

Music Arranger / Audio Engineer

       Conducting Pink Floyd's "The Wall"


 Accompanying his nephew, Eugene Feygelson

Born into the family of musicians in Riga, Latvia - his father Israel,  leading operatic tenor; his mother Dina, the Latvian Radio Orchestra violinist; his older brother Yosif, noted concert cellist - Rafael shown his musical talents very early by singing first in a children's choir, then learning percussions so well, at 14 he already was the youngest musician ever with the Riga Opera orchestra. When famous composer Aram Khachaturian came to Riga to conduct his ballet "Gayane", he was greatly impressed with Rafael's marimba playing. Not being satisfied only with orchestral work, Rafael later ventured to other genres being, at times, a drummer with rock groups or expanding his talent on the piano as accompanist in both classical and popular/light jazz repertoire.  

In 1979, the family emigrated to Israel. Rafael was quickly recognized for his talent and immediately engaged by noted conductor Rudolf Barshai to perform with the Israel Chamber Orchestra, including their extremely successful European tours. Since 1995, Rafael has been a percussionist with the Israel Symphony which is also performing at the Tel-Aviv Opera. For more than a decade, he was also an accompanist/arranger for a unique Children's Harmonica Orchestra of Israel.

Combining his varied musical experiences and constantly expanding his skills has been always Rafael's credo. During the last decade, its been complemented by orchestra conducting, arranging music for different instruments and ensembles, and an expert sound recording.